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YBTC Associates

Yorkshire Ballet Theatre Company is a brand new associate scheme designed to compliment a young person’s existing dance training. 

YBTC aims to provide exceptional Classical Ballet Training and invigorating performance opportunities for young aspiring dancers with a flair for Classical Ballet. 

Associates will train in Classical Ballet, Pointe, Virtuosity, Contemporary, Progressing Ballet Technique* and Repertoire to enhance their Classical potential on one Sunday a month throughout the academic year.

*Progressing Ballet Technique or PBT is a syllabus designed to focus on strengthening the muscles used to execute the technical demands of Classical Ballet.

Audition Applications

Applications now open for YBTC 24/45


Our Classes

Classes will be lead and taught by experienced industry professionals and guest artists. Entry to the programme will be via an audition process.

Some benefits of being part of an associate scheme?

  • It allows the children to work with others at a similar level to them. In a lot of cases children on associate programmes tend to be some of the best in their class at their dance school. Working with others at the same level helps drive them forwards. 
  • The longer lessons allow for more in-depth teaching. 
  • Being part of a reputable programme can increase a dancer’s confidence. 
  • Many dancers meet life-long friends at associate programmes. 
  • It is a good introduction to an audition process, not just to achieve the place initially but to sustain it every year and progress through the classes. 

All enquiries please email ybtc.associates@gmail.com for more info.